EPIC PRE-LAUNCH FAQ'S - updated 09/15/20 

How do I join Epic? 
Pre-Launch opens September 1, 2020. You can join the opportunity by enrolling at Pre-Launch during the entire month of September.

What is included during pre-launch?
The pre-launch period is designed for members to "lock in your spot" from 9/1/20 to 9/30/20. We officially launch on 10/1/20. Our program will offer: the Epic University, Trade Alerts, Live Trading Sessions, Fundamental Analysis, Market Forecasts and member support (including a 2 week syllabus). Content and training material will gradually be added to the back office during pre-launch, but it will be more accessible after October 1, 2020.

How much is it to join?
EPIC pre-launch promotion is $19.99 starting September 1st. This price is available for everyone joining during prelaunch. 

How long is the promotion available? 
The promotion price of $19.99 will be available for the entire month of September. When the pre-launch promotion ends, October 1st, the official launch begins. Starting October 1, 2020 the price of the academy membership is $99.99 per month. This is the standard price monthly for everyone, including those who entered during pre-launch. Everyone must pay the $99.99 membership fee on October 1 to remain active, even if they entered pre-launch on September 30!

When does the compensation plan start? 
The compensation plan is effective October 1st when the platform officially launches and scholars enroll to EPIC UNIVERSITY for $99.99. The first week of rank qualifications begins on 10/01. The weekly compensation qualifications will be structured to run every Saturday through Friday. Payouts will occur on Fridays, the week following each qualified cycle.

When is the first compensation payment expected? 
Due to a weekly payment cycle (Sat-Fri), the first compensation payment should be expected the Friday following the first week. Tentatively, that would be Friday 10/09 for those IBO's who qualified for a paid rank during the first compensation cycle qualification. Please note, due to the official launch date (Oct 1) falling on a Thursday, the first compensation cycle qualification will be for Thursday Oct 1 - Friday Oct 2, for the payout expected on the following Friday 10/09.

Why does my commission balance say $0.00 despite qualifying for a paid rank?
For the month of September, we are currently in the prelaunch phase of this amazing opportunity. On 10/1/20, when everyone pays their membership for $99.99, the first week of compensation qualification begins. When rank qualifications run, the system will update and the rank analysis matrix will begin to show the true data.

How much is the IBO payment? 
The IBO membership is $24.99 per month.

When should I enroll for an IBO membership?
Each member who enrolls a minimum of 3 personally sponsored scholars is eligible for a rank within EPIC’s compensation plan. In order to qualify for the compensation plan, you need to obtain an IBO membership. To ensure you qualify, you should enroll for IBO as soon as you reach 3 personally sponsored members in your organization. 

Do I have to recruit? 
No, the compensation plan is OPTIONAL. You can simply enroll and start earning while you learn with the trade alerts. To continue you would pay your monthly membership of $99. OR if you would like that membership waved tell or tell 3 people and it will be FREE! 

How does the 3 and Free work?
When you enroll 3 personally sponsored scholars into EPIC, you qualify for a free monthly membership - when ALL of the following requirements are met:
 1. You have a minimum of 3 ACTIVE personally sponsored members - with minimum ONE ACTIVE personally sponsored member on EACH leg of your team.
 2. AND you do not currently qualify for a paid rank within the compensation plan (ie: have less than 10 people within your downline team).

3. AND you enroll for an IBO membership. 
The 3 and Free will roll out in November. 

What is the interval of monthly membership payments?
Every 4 weeks

What payment methods are accepted?

Will there be an option to use bitcoin or cashapp as a form of payment for membership?
These options are not available at this time.

Are there any limitations on countries available to join EPIC?
The limitations for enrollment based on countries and location is still to be determined. If you have a prospect who is interested in joining and their country is not currently available, please contact an admin within The Epic Tradehouse community so that we may see if the country can be made available. 

Will live sessions be available during pre-launch? 
Live session are available week days for NY, ASIAN, and LONDON sessions. Information on access to these sessions can be found in your back office under Dashboard as well as in the EPIC PRE-LAUNCH NEWS Telegram channel. 

When will the EPIC signals start?
The first week of pre-launch - Oct 1 - is NFP week since it is the beginning of the month. We will not be doing signals during NFP. 
There will be a EPIC Signals telegram channel released by Monday 09/07, and signals will be started that week. 

Will there be training content available during pre-launch?
Yes, the 2 Week Syllabus and other training materials are already available in the EPIC UNIVERSITY of your back office. The first two sections of EPIC UNIVERSITY training videos are being loaded to the system.
The EPIC UNIVERSITY curriculum will be rolled out via drip content, meaning you will need to complete one section at a time, to access the next section. 
The first two sections are beginner level and will be released following the 2 Week Syllabus. The next sections are intermediate, followed by advanced, and Sniper Academy. 

Will the back office and EPIC University be mobile friendly functionality?
Yes, though we expect it may take 30 days to optimize this functionality.

When will the schedule for the 4 Daily LIVE ZOOM presentations by corporate be released?
A Zoom Pre-Launch Schedule is available in the dashboard of your back office. The back office 'What's New' section is updated in real time for any possible changes - so it is the BEST place to get the most up to date information.

When will EPIC Merchandise be available for purchase?
Merch will be available soon, possibly within 7-10 days of the start of pre-launch.

Is there going to be a holding tank?
Yes, you will actually have the functionality to turn your auto placement on or off in the holding tank. 
You can choose to have your spots auto-filled from left to right top to bottom, or you can set it to place your team members manually if you want to strategically build your downline.

We will update the FAQ's as we go along. 

Thank you, 

Admin Team
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